IBline Products are:

Pharmaceutical, Surgical, Textile & Yarn & Threads


Injections, Diabetes Checking Accessories, Tablets, Plastic bell for Circumcision, Capsules Gynecology,  Gall,Liver, Kidney, Bladder, Urology Forceps Forceps, Clamps Forceps, Forceps with tungsten carbide inserts, Dressings, Diagnostics, Cardiovascular, Surgery, Bone Surgery, Tracheotomy, Towel Clamps, Tubing Clamps, Cotton Swabs Forceps, Titanium (with specially coated tying platform) Suture, Instruments, Suture Instrument, Sterilization Miscellaneous, Self-Retaining Retractors, Abdominal Retractors, Intestines, Stomach, Rectum Implants, Screws and Plates.


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Bed Split Comforter,  Ladies Shawl, Handmade bed sheet

Ladies Shawl

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Handmade bed sheet

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Bed Split Comforter

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Yarn & Threads

Cotton Yarns,  Hangs for embroidery, Colored Cotton Yarns, Cotton Thread Hangs, Colored Cotton Threads, Colored Cotton Spool

Cotton Yarns

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Colored Cotton Yarns

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