Pharmaceutical products are more commonly known as medicines or drugs and these are a fundamental component of both modern and traditional medicine. It is essential that such products are safe, effective, and of good quality, and are prescribd and used rationally.


1Tablet Aceclofenac 100mg Tablets
2Tablet Alfacalcidol (0.25mcg,0.5mcg, and 1.0mcg) Tablets
3Tablet Amisulpride (50mg,100mg) Tablets
4Tablet Amlodipine (10mg,5mg) Tablets
5Tablet AMLODIPINE + VALSARTAN + HYDROCHLOROTHIAZIDE (5mg/160mg/12.5mg, 5mg/160mg/25mg, 10mg/160mg/12.5mg, 10mg/160mg/25mg, and 10mg/320mg/25mg) Tablets
6Tablet AMLODIPINE+ VALSARTAN (5mg/80mg, 5mg/160mg, and 10mg/160mg) Tablets
7Tablet Anastrazole 1mg Tablets
8Tablet ANASTROZOLE 1gm Tablets
9Tablet Artemether + Lumefantrine (40/240, 80/480) Tablets
10Tablet Azithromycin (250mg,500mg) Tablets
11Tablet Baclofen 10mg Tablets
12Tablet Betahistine dihydrochloride (8mg,16mg,and 24mg) Tablets
13Tablet Bupropion hydrochloride (150mg,300mg) SR Tablets
14Tablet Cinitapride 1mg Tablets
15Tablet Ciprofloxacin (250mg,500mg, and 750mg) Tablets
16Tablet Citalopram 20 mg Tablets
17Tablet Claithromycin (250mg,500mg) Tablets
18Tablet Cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride 10mg Tablets
19Tablet Desloratadine 5mg Tablets
20Tablet Desvenlafaxine 50mg Tablets
21Tablet Diclofenac Potassium 50mg Tablets
22Tablet DICLOFENAC SODIUM + MISOPROSTOL (75mg /200mcg, 50mg / 200mcg) Tablets
23Tablet Diclofenac Sodium 50mg, 75mg and 100mg Tablets
24Tablet Domperidone 10mg Tablets
25Tablet Doxofylline 400mg Tablets
26Tablet DOXYLAMINE SUCCINATE + PYRIDOXINE (10mg/10mg, 20mg/20mg) Tablets
27Tablet Each Film Coated Tablets contains: 1-3-methy1-2-oxo-valeric acid (Alpha-ketoanalogue of DL-isoleucine)... 67mg, 4-methy1-2-oxo-valeric acid (Alpha-ketoanaloguc of leucine) ……101mg 2-oxo-3-phenyl propionic acid (Alpha- ketoanalogue of phenylalanine)…68mg. 3-methyl-2-oxo-butyric acid (Alpha-ketoanalogue to valine)…..86mg D1-2-hydroxy-4-methylthio-butyric (Alpha ketoanalogue of methionine)…59mg L-lysine(lysine mono acetate105mg) 75mg, L-threonine…..53mg L-tryptophan………..23mg, L-histidine………38mg, L-tyrosine……….30mg
28Tablet Ebastine 10mg,20mg Tablets
29Tablet Entecavir 0.5mg Tablets
30Tablet ESCITALOPRAM (10mg,20mg) Tablets
31Tablet Escitalopram (10mg,20mg) Tablets
32Tablet Etoricoxib 60mg Tablets
33Tablet ETORICOXIB 60mg Tablets
34Tablet Famotidine (20mg,40mg) Tablets
35Tablet Gilebenclamide 5mg Tablets
36Tablet GLUCOSAMINE HCl + CHONDROITIN SULPHATE (750mg + 600mg) Tablets
38Tablet Ibandronic Acid 150mg Tablets
39Tablet Iron Polymaltose + Folic Acid (100mg + 0.35mg) Tablets
40Tablet Iron Protein Succinylate + Elemental Iron + Folic Acid (400mg + 20mg + 2.5mg) Tablets
41Tablet Itopride Hydrochloride 50mg Tablets
42Tablet Ketoconazole 200mg Tablets
43Tablet Lacosamide (50mg, 100mg) Tablets
44Tablet Lacosamide 200mg Tablets
45Tablet Lamotrigine (25mg, 50mg,100mg) Tablets
46Tablet Leflunomide (10mg,20mg) Tablets
47Tablet Letrozole 2.5mg Tablets
48Tablet Letrozole 2.5mg Tablets
49Tablet LEVETIRACETAM (250mg,500mg) Tablets
50Tablet Levocetrizine dihydrochlorid 5mg Tablets
51Tablet Levofloxacin (250mg,500mg) Tablets
52Tablet Levosulpride (25mg, 50mg) Tablets
53Tablet Linezolid 600mg Tablets
54Tablet LINEZULID 600mg Tablets
55Tablet Lornoxicam (4mg,8mg) Tablets
56Tablet Losartan potassium 50mg Tablets
57Tablet Lovastatin 20mg Tablets
58Tablet Magaldrate + Simethicone (480mg + 20mg) Tablets
59Tablet Magnesium Trisilicate + Aluminium Hydroxide Dried Gel (500mg + 250mg) Tablets
60Tablet Meclizine + B6 (25mg + 50mg) Tablets
61Tablet MECOBALAMIN 500mcg Tablets
62Tablet Metformin (250mg,500mg,850mg, and 1000mg) Tablets
63Tablet Metoclopramide 10mg Tablets
64Tablet Metronidazole 400 mg Tablets
65Tablet Mirtazapine 15mg Tablets
66Tablet Mirtazapine 30mg Tablets
67Tablet Montelukast (10mg,5mg) Tablets
69Tablet Moxifloxacin 400mg Tablets
71Tablet Naproxen (250mg,500mg) Tablets
72Tablet ONDANSETRON (4mg,8mg, and 24mg) Tablets
74Tablet Oxatomide 30mg Tablets
75Tablet Pantoprazole 40mg Tablets
76Tablet Paracetamol + Pseudoephedrine + Triprolidine (300mg + 36mg + 1.5mg) Tablets
77Tablet Paracetamol + Taramadol Hydrochloride (325mg/37.5mg) Tablets
78Tablet Paracetamol + Orphenadrine Citrate (450mg + 35mg) Tablets
79Tablet Paracetamol + Caffeine (500mg + 65mg) Tablets
80Tablet Paracetamol 500mg Tablets
81Tablet Paracetamol + Orphenadrine (650mg + 50mg) Tablets
82Tablet Paroxetine (12.5mg,25mg,and 20mg) Tablets
83Tablet Piroxicam 20mg Tablets
84Tablet Pizotifen as hydrogen malate 0.5mg Tablets
85Tablet QUETIAPINE (25mg,100mg) Tablets
86Tablet Rabeprazole (10mg,20mg) Tablets
87Tablet Risperidone (1mg,2gm,3gm, and 4gm) Tablets
88Tablet RISPERIDONE (1mg,2mg,3mg, and 4mg) Tablets
89Tablet Rosuvastatin (5mg,10mg,and 20mg) Tablets
90Tablet Rosuvastatin + Ezetimibe (10mg /10mg, 20mg /10mg, and 5mg / 10mg) Tablets
91Tablet Sertraline (50mg 50mg, and 100mg) Tablets
92Tablet SERTRALINE (50mg,100mg) Tablets
93Tablet Sevelainer Ilydrochloride (400mg,800mg) Tablets
94Tablet Sevelamer Carbonate 800mg Tablets
95Tablet SITAGLIPTIN (50mg,100mg) Tablets
96Tablet SITAGLIPTIN + METFORMIN (50mg/500mg + 50mg/1000mg) Tablets
97Tablet Terbinafine (125mg,250mg) Tablets
98Tablet Tizanidine (2mg,4mg) Tablets
99Tablet Topiramate 25mg Tablets
100Tablet Topiramate 50mg Tablets
101Tablet TRAMADOL 100mg SR Tablets
102Tablet Trimetazidine Dihydrochloride 35mg Tablets
103Tablet VILDAGLIPTIN + METFORMIN (50mg + 850mg) Tablets
104Tablet VILDAGLIPTIN 50mg Tablets
105Tablet Vitamin B1 + B6 + B12 (100mg + 200mg + 200mcg) Tablets
106CapsuleDoxycycline 100mg Capsules
107CapsuleLincomycin 500mg Capsules
108CapsulePhenytoin Sodium 100mg Capsules
109CapsuleOmeprazole (20mg,40mg) Capsules
110CapsuleTranexamic Acid (250mg, 500mg) Capsules
111CapsuleTRAMADOL 100mg Capsules
112CapsulePREGABALIN (25mg,50mg,100mg,150mg,175mg, and 300mg) Capsules
113CapsuleESOMEPRAZOLE (20mg,40mg) Capsules
114CapsuleDexlansoprazole 30mg Capsules
115CapsuleDuloxetine (30mg, and 60mg) Capsules
116CapsuleTamsulolsin 0.4mg Capsules
117CapsuleAcitretin 25mg Capsules
118CapsuleMebeverine 200mg Capsules
119CapsuleFluconazole 150mg Capsules
120CapsuleDiacerein 50mg Capsules
121CapsuleThiocolchicoside 4mg Capsules
122CapsuleDexlanzoprazole 30mg Capsules
123CapsuleCalcium Dobesilate Monohydrate 500mg Capsules
124CapsuleUrsodeoxycholic Acid 250mg Capsules
125CapsuleIsotretionoin 20mg Capsules
CapsuleLiquid Syrup / Suspension
126CapsuleParacetamol 120mg Syrup
127CapsuleIron Protein Succinylate + elemental iron (800gm + 40mg) Syrup
128CapsuleLincomycin 50mg Syrup
129CapsuleMetoclopramide 5mg Syrup
130CapsuleAminophyllin + Diphenhydramine + Ammonium Chloride + Menthol (32mg + 8mg + 30mg + 0.98mg) (Cough Expectorant Syrup)
131CapsuleDiphenhydramine + Dextromethorphan (5.0mg + 6.25mg) (Dry Cough Syrup)
132CapsuleIron Polymaltose 50mg Syrup
133CapsuleDoxofylline 100mg Syrup
134CapsuleFerric Ammonium Citrate + Vitamin B1 + Vitamin B6 + Folic acid + Nicotinamide + Vitamin B12 (900mg + 20mg + 40mg +10mg + 200mg + 360mcg) (Syrup)
135CapsuleFerric Ammonium Citrate USP + Folic Acid + Cyanocobalamin + Cupric Sulphate + Manganese Sulphate (160mg + 0.5mg + 7.5mg + 30mcg + 30mcg) ( 120ml and 250ml Syrup)
136CapsuleLACTULOSE 3.5gm/10ml Syrup
138CapsuleMagaldrate + Simethicone (540mg + 20mg) Suspension
140CapsuleONDANSETRON Syrup
141Dry Powder Suspension Clarithromycin (125mg,250mg) Suspension
142Dry Powder Suspension Ciprofloxacin (125mg,250mg) Suspension
143Dry Powder Suspension Metronidazole 200 mg Suspension
144Dry Powder Suspension Domperidone 10mg Suspension
145Dry Powder Suspension Mefenamic acid (50mg,100mg) Suspension
146Dry Powder Suspension Trimethoprim + Sulphamethoxazole (40mg + 200mg) Suspension
147Dry Powder Suspension ARTIMETHER + LUMEFANTRINE (15mg + 90mg) Suspension
148Dry Powder Suspension OXATOMIDE 30mg/5ml Suspension
Injection (Vial / Ampoule)
149 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)ONDANSETRON (4mg,8mg) Injection
150 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Ketamine 50mg Injection
151 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Ciprofloxacin (100mg,200mg) Injection
152 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Kanamycin (1.0gm,500mg) Injection
153 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Cyanocobalamin 1000 mcg Injection
154 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)CHOLECALCIFEROL 200,000 IU (5mg) Injection
155 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Cimetidine 100mg Injection
156 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Frusemide 10mg Injection
157 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Lignocaine 10mg Injection
158 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Lincomycin 600mg Injection
159 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Lignocaine 20gm Injection
160 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Metochlopramide 5mg Injection
161 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Amikacin Sulphate (1g,100gm,500mg, and 250mg) Injection
162 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Mecobalamin 500mcg Injection
163 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Neostigmine Methyl Sulphate 0.3 mg Injection
164 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Promethazine HCI 25mg Injection
165 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Levofloxacin 500mg Injection
166 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Iron Sucrose Complex 100mg IV Injection
167 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)HYDRATED PHLOROGLUCINOL + TRIMETHYL PHOROGLUCINOL (40mg + 0.04mg) Injection
168 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Moxifloxacin (400mg per 250ml) Injection
169 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Atropine Sulphate 1mg Injection
170 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Artemether 80mg Injection
171 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Vitamin B1 + Vitamin B6 HCI + Vitamin B12 HCI (100mg + 100mg + 100mcg) Injection
172 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Synthetic Oxytocin 5IU,10IU Injection
173 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Tobramycin (20mg, 80mg) Injection
174 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Tranexamic acid (250mg,500mg) Injection
175 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Water for (5ml,10ml) Injections
176 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Paracetamol 1000mg Infusion
Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Cream Ointment / Powder
177 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Fusidic Acid + Betamethasone (20mg + 1mg) Cream
178 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Fusidic Acid 20mg Cream
179 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Fusidic Acid + Hydrocortisone acetate (20mg + 10mg) Cream
180 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Silver Sulphadiazine 1% Cream
181 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Dexamethasone + Neomycin Sulphate (0.1gm + 0.5 gm) Cream
182 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Gentamycin 10gm Cream
183 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)PERMETHRINE 30gm Cream
184 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Fluocinolone Acetonide + Hydroquinone + Tretinoin (0.01% + 4% + 0.05%) Cream
185 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Clotrimazole (1%w/w) + Hydrocortisone (1%w/w) (10mg + 10mg) Cream
186 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Adapalene (0.1%w/w) 1mg Cream
187 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Fluocinolone Acetonide + Hydroquinone + Tretinoin (0.1mg + 40mg + 0.5mg) Cream
188 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Terbinafine hydrochloride (1% w/w) 10mg Cream
189 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Calcipotriol 0.05mg Cream
190 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Eflornithine 115mg Cream
191 Injection (Vial / Ampoule)Neomycin Sulphate + Bacitracin Zinc (3,300 units + 250 units) Powder
192Gel Naproxen Sodium 10gm Gel
193Gel Diclofenac Diethylamine 20gm Gel
194Gel Choline Salicylate + Cetalkonium Chloride + Lidocain (8.7% w,w + 0.01% w,w + 0.33%) (Oral Gel)
195Gel Lidocaine hydrochloride + Cetylpyridinium chloride (0.33% w,w + 0.10% w,w) Oral Gel
196Gel Clindamycin (1.2%w/w) 12mg Gel
197Gel Isotretionoin + Erythromycin (0.5mg + 20mg) Gel
198Gel Adapalene 3mg Gel
199Gel Adapalene 1mg Gel
200Lotion Minoxidil (5%w,v) 50mg Lotion
201Lotion Clindamycin (1%w/v) 10mg Lotion
202Lotion Ketoconazole (2%w,v) 20mg Lotion
Lotion Cephalosporin Capsule
203Lotion Cephradine (500mg,250mg) Capsules
204Lotion Cephalexin (250mg,500mg) Capsules
205Lotion Cefixime (400mg + 200mg) Capsules
206Lotion Cefadroxil 500mg Capsules
207Lotion Cefaclor (250mg,500mg) Capsules
Lotion Cephalosporin Dry Powder Suspension
208Lotion Cephradine (125mg,250mg) Suspension
209Lotion Cephalexin Anhydrous (125mg,250mg) Suspension
210Lotion Cefixime (100mg /5ml ,200mg /5ml) Suspension
211Lotion Cefaclor as monohydrate (125mg,250mg) Suspension
212Lotion Cefadroxil (125mg,250mg) Suspension
213Lotion Cefpodoxime 40mg Suspension
214Cephalosporin Dry Powder Injection Cephradine (1.0gm,500mg, and 250mg) Injection
215Cephalosporin Dry Powder Injection Cefotaxime (1.0 gm,250mg,500mg) Injection
216Cephalosporin Dry Powder Injection Cefoperazone + Salbactam (1gm,2gm) Injection
217Cephalosporin Dry Powder Injection Ceftriaxone Sodium IV,IM (1g, 500mg, and 250mg) Injection
218Cephalosporin Dry Powder Injection Cefepime (1gm, 500mg) Injection
219Cephalosporin Dry Powder Injection Ceftazidime (250mg,500mg,1gm) Injection
220Cephalosporin Dry Powder Injection Cefazolin IM,IV (250mg,500mg,1gm) Injection

S.NoName of drugsGeneric namesPacking
1Aldactone Tablets 100mgEspironolactona30's
2Aldomet Tablets 250mgMethyldopa10x10's
3Advantan Cream 0.1%Methylprednisolone Aceponate5gm
4Alphagan Eye DropBrimonidine Tartrate Ophthalmic Solution 0.2% Sterile5ml.
5Alphagan SolutionBrimonidine Tartrate Ophthalmic Solution 0.25ml
6Amoxil Syrup 125mg/5mlAmoxycillin90 ml
7Ampiclox Capsules 500mgAmpicillin + Cloxacillin10 x 10's
8Ampiclox Capsules250mgAmpicillin + Cloxacillin10's
9Augmentin SyrupCo-Amoxiclav60 ml
10Augmentin Syrup 156.25mg/5mlCo-Amoxiclav90 ml
11Augmentin Injection 600 mgClavulanate- potentiated amoxycillin1's
12Augmentin Injection mg 1.2 gmClavulanate- Potentiated Amoxycillin1's
13Avil Injection 4.5mg/2mlPheniramine Maleate3's
14Avomine Tablets 25mgPromethazine Theoclate5 x 20's
15Azopt Eye Drop 1.0%Brinzolamide 10mg/ml5 ml
16Amoxil Cap 250 mgAmoxicillin [250 mg]100's
17Amoxil Cap 500 mgAmoxicillin [500 mg]10 x 10's
18Amoxil Cap 250 mgAmoxicillin [250 mg]20's
19Amoxil Cap 500 mgAmoxicillin [500 mg]20's
20Amoxil DropAmoxicillin [125 mg/1.25ml]10 ml
21Amoxil DropAmoxicillin [125 mg/1.25ml20 ml
22Amoxil Inje 250 mgAmoxicillin [250 mg]10's
23Amoxil Inje 500 mgAmoxicillin [500 mg]10's
24Amoxil SuspAmoxicillin [125 mg/5ml]60 ml
25Amoxil SuspAmoxicillin [250 mg/5ml]60 ml
26Amoxil SuspAmoxicillin [125 mg/5ml]90 ml
27Amoxil SuspAmoxicillin [250 mg/5ml]90 ml
28Amoxil Inje 500 mgAmoxicillin [500 mg]1's
29Ampiclox Cap 125 mgAmpicillin [125 mg], Cloxacillin [125 mg]100's
30Ampiclox Cap 250 mgAmpicillin [250 mg], Cloxacillin [250 mg]100's
31Ampiclox Cap 125 mgAmpicillin [125 mg], Cloxacillin [125 mg]20's
32Ampiclox DropAmpicillin [60 mg/0.6ml], Cloxacillin
[30 mg/0.6ml]
33Ampiclox Inje 125 mgAmpicillin [125 mg], Cloxacillin [125 mg]10's
34Ampiclox Inje 250 mgAmpicillin [250 mg], Cloxacillin [250 mg]10's
35Ampiclox SyrupAmpicillin [125 mg/5ml], Cloxacillin [125 mg/5ml]60ml
36Ampiclox SyrupAmpicillin [125 mg/5ml], Cloxacillin [125 mg/5ml] 90ml
37Ampiclox Cap 250 mgAmpicillin [250 mg], Cloxacillin [250 mg] 2 x 10's
38Ampiclox DropAmpicillin [60 mg/0.6ml], Cloxacillin [30 mg/0.6ml]20ml
39Augmentin DropAmoxicillin [50 mg/ml], Clavulanic Acid [12.5 mg/ml]20ml
40Augmentin Inje 1gAmoxicillin [1 g], Clavulanic Acid [200 mg]10 Vial
41Augmentin Inje IV 500 mgAmoxicillin [500 mg], Clavulanic Acid [200 mg]Vial
42Augmentin Inje IV 1gAmoxicillin [1 g], Clavulanic Acid [200 mg]Vial
43Augmentin 875mg TabAmoxicillin [875 mg], Clavulanic Acid [125 mg]12's
44Augmentin Inje IV 500 mgAmoxicillin [500 mg], Clavulanic Acid [100 mg]1's
45Augmentin Inje IV 500 mgAmoxicillin [500 mg], Clavulanic Acid [100 mg]10's
46Augmentin Inje IV 1gAmoxicillin [1 g], Clavulanic Acid [200 mg]5's
47Augmentin Syrup 125 mgAmoxicillin [125 mg/5ml], Clavulanic Acid [31.25 mg/5ml]60ml
48Augmentin Syrup 250 mgAmoxicillin [250 mg/5ml], Clavulanic Acid [62.5 mg/5ml]60ml
49Augmentin 250 mg TabAmoxicillin [250 mg], Clavulanic Acid [125 mg]6's
50Augmentin 500 mg TabAmoxicillin [500 mg], Clavulanic Acid [125 mg]6's
51Augmentin 875mg TabAmoxicillin [875 mg], Clavulanic Acid [125 mg] 6's
52Augmentin BD Syrup 400 mgAmoxicillin [400 mg/5ml], Clavulanic Acid [57 mg/5ml]140ml
53Augmentin BD Syrup 400 mgAmoxicillin [400 mg/5ml], Clavulanic Acid [57 mg/5ml]70ml
54Augmentin BD Syrup 400 mgAmoxicillin [400 mg/5ml], Clavulanic Acid [57 mg/5ml]35ml
55Avil InjePheniramine (Maleate) [22.7 mg/ml]2 mlx 50's
56Avil SyurpPheniramine (Maleate) [15 mg/5ml]60ml
57Avil Tab 50mgPheniramine (Maleate)2 x 50's
58Avil Tab 25mgPheniramine (Maleate)5 x 50's
59Britanyl Tab(Terbutaline Sulphate)10 x 10's
60Bactroban OintmentMupirocin15 gm
61Bactroban CreamMupirocin15 gm
62Becozym Forte TabletsVitamine des B-Komplexes Vitamines du Complex B1 x 20
63Betnesol - N EyeDrops(Sterile) Drops for Eye, Ear and Nose 7.5 ml.
64Betnesol - N Eye Ointment(Sterile) Drops for Eye, Ear and Nose 5 gm.
65Bisolvon Tablets 8mgBromexia Choridrato30's
66Bonjella Gel.Choline Salicylate+Cetalkonium Chloride10 gm
67Britanyl Tablets 2.5mgTerbutaline Sulphate10 x 10's
68Buscopan Tablets.Hyoscine Butylbromide + Paracetamol10 x 10's
69Belux Tablets 5mgBisacodyl10 x 10's
70Betamethasone N Eye Ear Nose DrosBetamethasone Sodium Phosphate B.P With Neomycin Sulphate B.P7.5ml
71Belax Tablets 5 mgBisacodyl10 x 10's
72Betnesol Eye DropBetamethasone [0.1 %w/v]75ml
73Betnesol Eye OintBetamethasone [0.1 %w/w]5g
74Betnesol InjeBetamethasone [4 mg/ml]5's
75Betnesol TabBetamethasone [0.5 mg]20s
76Betnesol-N Eye & Eayr DropBetamethasone [0.1 %w/v], Neomycin [0.5 %w/v]75ml
77Betnesol-N Eye OintBetamethasone [0.1 %w/w], Neomycin [0.5 %w/w]5g
78Betnovate CreamBetamethasone [0.1 %w/w]5g
79Betnovate LotionBetamethasone [0.1 %w/w]60ml
80Betnovate OintBetamethasone [0.1 %w/w]5g
81Betnovate CreamBetamethasone [0.1 %w/w]10g
82Betnovate OintBetamethasone [0.1 %w/w]10g
83Betnovate-N CreamBetamethasone [0.1 %w/w], Neomycin [0.5 %w/w]10g
84Betnovate-N OintBetamethasone [0.1 %w/w], Neomycin [0.5 %w/w]10g
85Betnovate-N LotionBetamethasone [0.1 %w/v], Neomycin [0.5 %w/v]60ml
86Betnovate-N CreamBetamethasone [0.1 %w/w], Neomycin [0.5 %w/w]15g
87Betnovate-N CreamBetamethasone [0.1 %w/w], Neomycin [0.5 %w/w]5g
88Cytopan Tab 75mgDiclofenac Sodium + Misoprostol20's
89Cytopan Tab 50mgDiclofenac Sodium + Misoprostol20's
90CaflamTabDiclofenac2 x 10's
91Caflam TabDiclofenac2's
92Clexane Inje 20mgEnoxaparin0.2 mlx 2's
93Clexane Inje 80mgEnoxaparin0.8 mlx 2's
94Clexane Inje 40mgEnoxaparin0.4 mlx 2's
95Clexane Inje 60mgEnoxaparin0.6 mlx 2's
96Calpol TabParacetamol [500 mg]200's
97Calpol TabParacetamol [500 mg]500's
98Calpol Paediatric SuspParacetamol [120 mg/5ml]60ml
99Calpol Paediatric SuspParacetamol [120 mg/5ml]90ml
100Calpol Plus TabCaffeine [65 mg], Paracetamol [500 mg]200's
101Calpol-6 Plus SuspParacetamol [250 mg/5ml]60ml
102Calpol-6 Plus SuspParacetamol [250 mg/5ml]90ml
103Chewcal TabCalciferol [100 IU], Calcium [400 mg]30's
104CAC-1000 Plus TabletsCalcium+Vitamins D3+Calcium Orange Flavour10's
105Chloramphenicol Ear Drop 1.0%Chloramphenicol (Sterile Otic Solution)
For the treatment of ear infections
10 ml
106Chloramphenicol Eye Drop 0.5%Chloramphenicol (Sterile Ophthalmic Solution)
For the treatment of eye infections
15 ml
107Cicatrin PowderNeomycin Sulphate + Bacitracin Zinc20 gram
108Clexane Injection 40g/0.4mlEnoxaparin Sodium Injection Solution IP Pre Field Syringe Low Molecules Weight Heparin2's
109Ciproxin Tablets 500mgCiprofloxacin10's
110Diabenese Tablets 250mfChlorpropamide60's
111Disprin Original Tablets 300mgEach Tablet Contains Soluble Aspirin24's
112Depo-Medrol InjectionMethylpredniso-lone Acetate40 mg/ml
113Dyazide Tablets 50mg/25mgTriamterene+hydrochlorothiazide20's
114Dettol Liquid LotionAntiseptic Liquid, Antiseptic Lotion | Dettol60ml, 110ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1 litre and 5litre
115Diabold Tab 1mgGlimepiride2 x 10's
116Diabold Tab 2mgGlimepiride2 x 10's
117Diabold Tab 3mgGlimepiride2 x 10's
118Diabold Tab 4mgGlimepiride2 x 10's
119Delax Tab 5mgBisacodyl10 x 10's
120Dermovate CreamClobetasol (Propionate) [0.05 %w/w]5g
121Dermovate OintClobetasol (Propionate) [0.05 %w/w]5g
122Dermovate CreamClobetasol (Propionate) [0.05 %w/w]10g
123Dermovate OintClobetasol (Propionate) [0.05 %w/w]10g
124Dermovate-NN OintClobetasol (Propionate) [0.5 %w/w], Neomycin
[0.5 %w/w], Nystatin [100000 IU/g]
125Encephabol Tablets.Pyritinol Hihydrochloride Monohydrate10 x 10's
126Encephabol Syrup.Pyritinol Encephalotropik200 ml
127Epilim Tablets 500mgEach tablet contains 500mg Sodium Valproate10 x 10's
128Erythrocin Tablets 500mgErythromycin Stearate10 x 10's
129Eurax CreamEurax Cream
130Fenoget Cap 200mgFenofibrate10's
131Fenoget Cap 67mgFenofibrate30's
132Fenoget Cap 134mgFenofibrate10's
133Fenoget Cap 134mgFenofibrate2 x 10's
134Fenoget Cap 134mgFenofibrate3 x 10's
135Fexet Tab 60mg(Fexofenadine HCI)1 x 10's
136Fexet Tab 120mg(Fexofenadine HCI)2 x 5's
137Fexet Tab 180mg(Fexofenadine HCI)2 x 5's
138Fexet Tab 60mg(Fexofenadine HCI)20's
139Fexet Tab 120mg(Fexofenadine HCI)20's
140Fexet Tab 180mg(Fexofenadine HCI)20's
141Fexet DFexofenadine [60 mg], Pseudoephedrine (HCl) [120 mg]10's
142Febrol TabParacetamo20 x 10's
143Febrol SuspParacetamol [250 mg/5ml]60ml
144Febrol SuspParacetamol [120 mg/5ml]60ml
145Fortum Inje 250 mgCeftazidime [250 mg]1's
146Fortum Inje 500 mgCeftazidime [500 mg]1's
147Fortum Inje 1gCeftazidime [1 g]1's
148Fansidar Syrup 500+25mgSulfadoxine + Pyrimethamine (Antimalarial)15 ml
149Fortipred Eye Drops 1% 5mlPrednisolone Acetate (sterile ophthalmic suspension)5 ml
150Fortum Injection 1gmCeftazidime for IM/IV Use1's
151Glucophage 500 mg tab.Metformin Hydrochloride BP5 X 10's
152Gripe WaterCelebrated gripe water (gentle antacid safe for infants)130 ml
153Gynaecosid Tablets 0.3 mg/5mgEach tablets Contains Methyloestrenolone 5.0mg methyloestradiol 0.3mg2's
154Getryl Getzglim 1gGlimepiride2 x 10 s
155Getryl Getzglim 2gGlimepiride2 x 10 s
156Getryl Getzglim 3gGlimepiride2 x 10's
157Getryl Getzglim 4gGlimepiride2 x 10's
158Getofin Inje 250mgCeftriaxone1's Vial
159Getofin Inje 500mgCeftriaxone1's Vial
160Getofin Inje IV 1gCeftriaxone1's Vial
161Getofin Inje IV 250gCeftriaxone1's Vial
162Getofin Inje IV 500gCeftriaxone1's Vial
163Glucophage Tab 250mgMetformin (HCl)50 s
164Glucophage Tab 850mgMetformin (HCl)3 x 10 s
165Glucophage Tab 500mgMetformin (HCl)5 x 10 s
166Glucovance Tab 250mgGlibenclamide [1.25 mg], Metformin (HCl) [250 mg]2 x 15's
167Glucovance Tab 500mgGlibenclamide [2.5 mg], Metformin (HCl) [500 mg] 2 x 15 s
168Glucovance Tab 500mgGlibenclamide [5 mg], Metformin (HCl) [500 mg]2 x 15's
169Humulin Injection 70/3070% human insulin isophane suspension 30% human insulin injection (rDNA origin)1 x 10ml
170Hydergine Tablets 1,5 mgCo-dergocrine Mesylate10's
171Imodium Capsules 2mgLoperamide Hydrochloride10 x 6's
172Insulatard Injection HM 100 IU/ 10mlSuspension for injection in vial Insulin human (rDNA) Subcutaneous use1's
173Kenalog Ointment.Triamcinolone Acetonide5 gm.
174Kenacomb Cream.Nystatin, Neomycia sulfate, Gramicidin and Triamcinolone AcetonideTrimacinolone acetonide10 gm.
175Lasix Injection 20mg(Furosemide) Saluretic and Anti-hypertensive50 x 2ml Ampoules
176Lincocin Capsules 500mgLincomycin HCI Monohydrate12's
177Lincocin Injection 600mg/2mlLincomycin5's
178Lamisil CreamTerninafine HCI10gm
179Lipiget Tab 10mgAtorvastatin1 x 10's
180Lipiget Tab 20mgAtorvastatin1 x 10's
181Lipiget Tab 40mgAtorvastatin1 x 10's
182Leflox Tab 750mgLevofloxacin10's
183Leflox Tab 7.5mg/mlLevofloxacin150ml
184Leflox Tab 250mgLevofloxacin10's
185Leflox Tab 500mgLevofloxacin10's
186Leflox Tab 5mg/mlLevofloxacin100ml
187Lescol Cap 20mgFluvastatin28's
188Lescol Cap 40mgFluvastatin28's
189Lescol XL Tab 80mgFluvastatin28's
190Maxolon Tablets 10mgMetoclopramide HCI5 x 20
191Maxolon Syrup 5mg/5mlMetoclopramide HCI50ml
192Myambutol Tablets 400mgEthambutol HCI10 x 10's
193Menstrogene InjectionProgesterone ekhinylestradiol1 x 2'
194Meronem Injection 1gmMeropenem1's
195Minidiab Tablets 5mgGlipizide30's
196Minipress Tablets 1 mgPrazosin Hydrochloride30's
197Mixtard Injection 30 HM 100 IU/ 10mlSuspension for injection in vial Insulin human (rDNA) Subcutaneous use1's
198Moduretic Tablets 5mg/50mgAmiloride hydrochloride and hydrochlorothiazide10 x 10's
199Motival Tablets 10mgFluphenazine HCI and Nortriptyline HCI1 x 100
200Mucaine SyrupOxethazaine with aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide120 ml
201Mosegor Tab 0.5mgPizotifen3 x 10's
202Mydriacyl 1% Eye Drops(Tropicamide 1.0%) Sterile Ophthalmic Preparation15 ml.
203Magrasil SolutionTropicamide Sterile Ophthalmic Solution15ml
204Maxolon Tablets 10mgMetoclopramide HCI5 x 20
205Maxolon Syrup 5mg/5mlMetoclopramide HCI50ml
206Myambutol Tablets 400mgEthambutol HCI10 x 10's
207Menstrogene InjectionProgesterone ekhinylestradiol1 x 2
208Meronem Injection 1gmMeropenem1's
209Minidiab Tablets 5mgGlipizide30's
210Minipress Tablets 1 mgPrazosin Hydrochloride30's
211Mixtard Injection 30 HM 100 IU/ 10mlSuspension for injection in vial Insulin human (rDNA) Subcutaneous use1's
212Moduretic Tablets 5mg/50mgAmiloride hydrochloride and hydrochlorothiazide10 x 10's
213Motival Tablets 10mgFluphenazine HCI and Nortriptyline HCI1 x 100
214Mucaine SyrupOxethazaine with aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide120 ml
215Mosegor Tab 0.5mgPizotifen3 x 10's
216Mydriacyl 1% Eye Drops(Tropicamide 1.0%) Sterile Ophthalmic Preparation15 ml.
217Magrasil SolutionTropicamide Sterile Ophthalmic Solution15ml
218Montiget Tab 4mg(Montelukast Sodium)2 x 7's
219Montiget Tab 5mg(Montelukast Sodium)2 x 7's
220Montiget Tab 10mg(Montelukast Sodium)2 x 7's
221Myrin Tab 300mgEthambutol (HCl) [300 mg], Isoniazid [75 mg],
Rifampicin [150 mg]
8 x 10's
222Myrin-P Tab 225mgEthambutol (HCl) [225 mg], Isoniazid [60 mg],
Pyrazinamide [300 mg], Rifampicin [120 mg]
10 x 10's
223Myrin-P Forte Tab 275mgEthambutol (HCl) [275 mg], Isoniazid [75 mg],
Pyrazinamide [400 mg], Rifampicin [150 mg]
10 x 8's
224Maxolon InjeMetoclopramide (HCl) [5 mg/ml]10 x 2 ml
225Maxolon SyrupMetoclopramide (HCl) [5 mg/5ml]50ml
226Maxolon TabMetoclopramide (HCl) [10 mg]20 x 5's
227Naphcon A Eye Drops, Naphazoline HCI 0.025% and Pheniramine Maleate 0.3% Redness Reliever and Antihistamine Eye Drops.15 ml.
228Navidoxine Tablets 50mg/25mgMeclozine Hydrochloride Pyridoxine Hydrochloride10's
229Nerisone -C Cream 0.1%Corticoid cream with antimicrobial additive10 gm.
230Neurobion Injection 3mlVitamin B1,B6, B1225 x 3ml
231Neurobion TabletsVitamin B1,B6, B1210 x 10's
232Nikethamide InjectionNikethamide Injection 0.375g/1.5ml10's
233Nilstat Oral Drop(Nystatin) Oral Drops30 ml.
234Newxine TabletsMeclozine B,6100's
235Opta Atropine Eye Drops 1%(Atropine) sulphate10 ml.
236Optacid Eye Drop 30%(Sulphacetamide) Sterile Ophthalmic Solution For The Prophylaxis and Treatment Of Eye Infections10 ml.
237Optacid Eye Drops 10%(Sulphacetamide) Sterile Ophthalmic Solution For The Prophylaxis and Treatment Of Eye Infections10 ml.
238Optacid Eye Drops 20%(Sulphacetamide) Sterile Ophthalmic Solution For The Prophylaxis and Treatment Of Eye Infections10 ml.
239Optadex N Drops Eye DropsDexamethasone Neomycin drop Sterile Ophthalmic Solution5 ml
240Ortalidan TabletsPropyphenazone + caffeine200's
241Olvagan SolutionBrimonidine Tartrate Sterile Ophthalmic Solution 0.2%5 ml
242Oxytocin InjectionOxytocin Injection100 x 1 ml
243Phenergan Tablets 25 mgAntihistamine Each Tablet Contains Promethazine Hydrochloride BP50's
244Pilocar 2% eye drop(Pilocarpine HCI) USP Ophthalmic solution5 ml.
245Primolut N Tablets 5mgNorethisterone 5mg30 x 10's
246Proluton Depot injection 250mgHydroxyprogespenronecaproate Caproate3 x 1 ml
247Proviron Tablets 25mgMesterolone2 x 10's
248Plavix Tab 75mgClopidogrel28's
249Plavix Tab 300mgClopidogrel4's
250Pilocar 2% Eye DropPilocarpine (HCl, Nitrate)15ml
251Pilocar 4% Eye DropPilocarpine (HCl, Nitrate)15ml
252Pilocar 2% Eye DropPilocarpine (HCl, Nitrate)5ml
253Pilocar 4% Eye DropPilocarpine (HCl, Nitrate)5ml
254Panadol DropParacetamol [80 mg/0.8ml]15ml
255Panadol SuspParacetamol [120 mg/5ml]60ml
256Panadol TabParacetamol [500 mg]200's
257Panadol LiquidParacetamol [120 mg/5ml]100ml
258Panadol SuspParacetamol [120 mg/5ml]90ml
259Panadol DropParacetamol [60 mg/5ml]20ml
260Panadol ExtraCaffeine [65 mg], Paracetamol [500 mg]100's
261Panadol-CF TabChlorpheniramine (Maleate) [4 mg], Paracetamol [500 mg],
Pseudoephedrine (HCl) [60 mg]
262Polyfax OintBacitracin [500 IU/g], Polymyxin B (Sulphate) [10000 IU/g]10g
263Polyfax OintBacitracin [500 IU/g], Polymyxin B (Sulphate) [10000 IU/g]20g
264Polyfax Eye OintBacitracin [500 IU/g], Polymyxin B (Sulphate) [10000 IU/g]4g
265Polyfax Eye OintBacitracin [500 IU/g], Polymyxin B (Sulphate) [10000 IU/g]6g
266Polyfax Plus OintBacitracin [500 IU/g], Lignocaine [4 %w/w], Polymyxin B
(Sulphate) [10000 IU/g]
267Rimactal Syrup 2%Rifampicin Each ml Contains Rifampicin U.S.P 20mg120 ml
268Sangobion CapCopper [0.2 mg], Cyanocobalamin [7.5 mcg],
Folic Acid [1 mg], Manganese [0.2 mg]
3 x 10's
269Sangobion Syurpmg/5ml], Pyridoxine [1.5 mg/5ml], Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
[1 mg/5ml], Thiamine HCl (Vitamin B1) [1 mg/5ml]
270Sangobion InjIron Sucrose [20 mg/ml]2x5ml
271Septran SuspSulphamethoxazole [200 mg/5ml], Trimethoprim [40 mg/5ml]50ml
272Septran TabSulphamethoxazole [400 mg], Trimethoprim [80 mg]40 x 10's
273Septran DS SuspSulphamethoxazole [400 mg/5ml], Trimethoprim [80 mg/5ml]50ml
274Septran DS TabSulphamethoxazole [800 mg], Trimethoprim [160 mg]100's
275Testoviran Depot Inje100mgTestosterone1 ml x3's
276Testoviran Depot Inje250mgTestosterone1 ml x3's
277Septran Suspension 40/200mgCo-Trimoxazole Paediatric Suspension50 ml.
278Sinemet Tablets 25mg / 250mgCarbidopa & Levodopa10 x 10's
279Stelbid Tablets.Isopropamide and Trifluoperazine10 x 10's
280Solcoseryl CreamDental Adhesive Paste5 gm
281Stelazine Tablets 1mgTrifluoperazine B.P. 2mg500's
282Stemetil Tab. 5mgProchlorperazine Maleate6 x 50's
283Strepsils Tablets.Strepsils Lozenges Honey & Lemon Flavour15 x 10
284Sustanon 250 inj.Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylproplonate, Testosterone Isocaproate, Testosterone Decanoate 1 x 1ml
285Stugeron Tablets 25mgCinnarizine5 x 10's
286Synalar-N OintmentFluocinolone Acetonide & Neomycin Sulphate30 gm
287Testoviran Inj 100mgTestosterone1 ml x3's
288Testoviran Inj 250mgTestosterone1 ml x3's
289Tagamet Inje 100mgCimetidine (HCl) [100 mg/ml]2 mlx 10's
290Tagamet Tab 400mgCimetidine (HCl)10 's
291Tagamet Tab 200mgCimetidine (HCl)20's
292Tandegyl Tablets 1mgClemastine for Allergy Relief30's
293Tavegyl Tablets 1mgClemastine10 x 10's
294Tears Naturale II Eye DropsArtificial Tears15 ml
295Tegral Tablets 200mgCarbamazepine5 x 10's
296Tramal Injection 100 mg.(Trmadol hydchloride Ph. Eur.)5 x 2ml
297Travogen cream 1%Isoconazole Nitrate10gm
298Travocort CreamIsoconazole Nitrate Diflucortolone Valerate10gm
299Toxinil TabletsMethionine, Choline Tartrate, Vitamin B-complex & Vitamin-E30's
300Tears ActualArtificial Rears Ophth Secification15ml
301Urografin Injection 76 % 0.66 gmSodium Amidotrizoate + Meglumine Amidotrizoate 10 Ampoules Of
20 ml
302Velosef Cap 250mgCephradine [250 mg]12 's
303Velosef Cap 500mgCephradine [500 mg]12 's
304Velosef Inje 250mgCephradine [250 mg]1' Vial
305Velosef Inje 500mgCephradine [500 mg]1' Vial
306Vibramycin Cap 100mgDoxycycline120's
307Vibramycin Inje 100mgDoxycycline1' Vial
308Vibramycin Tab 100mgDoxycycline30's
309Velosef Inje 1gCephradine [1 g]1' Vial
310Velosef Susp 125mgCephradine [125 mg/5ml]90ml
311Velosef Susp 250mgCephradine [250 mg/5ml]90ml
312Ventolin InjeAlbuterol [0.5 mg/ml]1 mlx 5's
313Ventolin SyrupAlbuterol [2 mg/5ml]60ml
314Ventolin Tab 2mgAlbuterol [2 mg]100 's
315Ventolin Tab 4mgAlbuterol [4 mg]120's
316Ventolin SR Tab 8mgAlbuterol [8 mg]20's
317Ventolin SR Tab 4mgAlbuterol [4 mg]100's
318Ventolin SolnAlbuterol [5 mg/ml]20ml
319Ventolin InhalerAlbuterol [100 mcg/actu]1's
320Ventolin SyurpAlbuterol [2 mg/5ml]120ml
321Ventolin Expectorant SyurpAlbuterol [1 mg/5ml], Guaifenesin [50 mg/5ml]120ml
322Ventolin Expectorant SyurpAlbuterol [1 mg/5ml], Guaifenesin [50 mg/5ml]60ml
323Ventolin EvohalerSalbutamol (As Sulphate) 100 Micrograms200 Metered Aactuations
324Ventoline Tablets 2 mgSalbutamol10 x 10's
325Ventolonin Envohaler 100 mcgEach actuation contains salbutamol (As suphate 100 micrograms)1's
326Zantac InjeRanitidine [25 mg/ml]2mlx5s
327Zantac Tab 150mgRanitidine [150 mg]10's
328Zantac Tab 300mgRanitidine [300 mg]10's
329Zinacef Inje 250mgCefuroxime [250 mg]5's
330Zinacef Inje 750mgCefuroxime [750 mg]1's
331Zinacef Inje 1.5gCefuroxime [1.5g]1's
332Zinacef Tab 250mgCefuroxime [250 mg]14's
333Zinacef Tab 125mgCefuroxime [125 mg]14's
334Zinacef Susp 125mgCefuroxime [125 mg/5ml]50ml
335Zovirax Eye OintAcyclovir [3 %w/w]4.5g
336Zovirax CreamAcyclovir [5 %w/w10g
337Zovirax CreamAcyclovir [5 %w/w]2g
338Zovirax InfAcyclovir [250 mg/vial5's
339Zovirax Tab 200mgAcyclovir [200 mg]25's
340Zyloric Tab 300mgAllopurinol [300 mg]30's
341Zyloric Tab 200mgAllopurinol [200 mg]50's
342Zentel Tablets 200mgAlbendazole2's
343Zentel Suspension 200mg/5mlAlbendazole10ml
344Zantac Injection 50mgRanitidine5 x 2 ml.
345Zovirax Eye Ointment 3%(Aciclovir) Ophthalmic Onitment4.5 gm
346Zestoretic Tablets 20mgLisinopril dihydrate+hydrochlorothiazide2 x 14
347Zestril Tablets 5 mgLisinopril14's
348Zestril Tablets 10 mgLisinopril14's
349Zyloric Tablets 100mgAllopurinol50's